SL.PackageSpecificationPrice ₹
1 SmartJewel .Net,MS Access 5000.00
2 SmartInventory .Net,SQL Server 13000.00
3 SmartShop .Net,MS Access 13000.00
4 Dynamic Website .Net,SQL Server,HTML5,bootstrap 40000.00
5 SmartBill .Net,MS Access 8000.00
6 SmartLot .Net,MS Access 10000.00
7 e-Vahicle .Net,MS Access 15000.00
8 PathologyMS .Net,SQL Server 13000.00
9 SchoolSol .Net,SQL Server 12000.00
10 Industrial Training .Net,SQL Server 2000.00
11 Hosting Windows 2400.00
Price last updated on [01/04/2018]
Purchase & Maintenance Process step by step
  • Client will Choose software/Srvices as per their requirment.
  • Client willContact us for detail discussion.
  • After discussion once client agreed there will be an official agreement between [the client] and us [Business Boost Software Solutions].
  • After software / services successfully installed/delivered,
  • Client will pay the price for the software / Service they have choosen.
  • After full payment final invoice will be generated.
  • Client will get an email with UserID and Password for login to their panel.
  • Software is renewable after 365 days & renew charge will be 25% of total software cost.
  • Renew charges will increase 10% per year after 2nd year over the last year renew amount.
Read Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions , Refund Policy carefully before making any Order/Payment to us [Business Boost Software Solutions].

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